About – Escrow Delivery Service


We, at Escrow Delivery Services are one of the leading providers of offering safe and reliable medical courier service. We are specialized throughout the Bay Area including San Francisco Bay, San Jose, CA, and Northern California.

We understand that punctuality matters in every type of delivery. Some deliveries are life-saving while others have expiration time if not delivered on time. In case of safe and timely medical equipments delivery, trust us. Our vehicles are equipped with temperature controlled containers for transporting the medical equipments, surgical equipments, specimens, organ donations, and pharmaceuticals. These products are highly time sensitive, thus we make sure to deliver in fastest manner as possible.

Our drivers are expert professionals who are well acquainted with all the routes of the region. They are trained to safely handle the bio-hazardous material. When any client places the order, they take the shortest route possible to dispatch the courier.

You can rely on our expedited medical delivery service. We are available round the clock to meet our clients urgent needs. Get in touch with us and avail our reliable and fast courier service.

Providing first class logistics services in Bay Area.

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